What is Nia?

Nia is a unique fitness technique combining  nine movement forms drawing from the dance arts, martial arts and healing arts to connect your body, mind and spirit.  Nia is an expressive, transformational, and holistic movement practice designed to engage and elevate your physical, mental, and spiritual fitness and well-being.  Nia draws from 3 martial arts, 3 dance arts and 3 healing arts to provide an experience for the body that is both varied and balanced.

New to Nia?

Each Nia class is designed to welcome all levels of experience and fitness. If you are new to Nia, we invite you to come as you are and to allow yourself to be curious. The choreography is designed to be easy to follow and yet varied enough to inspire new movement patterns in the body… which in turn create new pathways in the brain!

What should I bring to class?

Are you planning to attend your first Nia Class? Congratulations!

The great thing about Nia is that it requires no special equipment or training. Nia is practiced barefoot so you don’t even need to bring shoes, although you they may be helpful in getting to and from class.

We recommend you wear comfortable clothing that will allow you  to move, groove and dance.  A bottle of water is always a great idea to help you stay hydrated during and after class.


Looking for classes in Greater Los Angeles?

Are you interested in Nia but can’t make it to Santa Monica? Check out Nia Greater Los Angeles for classes and events throughout the greater LA area.

Nia Greater Los Angeles

Still curious about Nia?

Visit the Nia Headquarters Website for info about Nia classes around the world, special workshops and trainings.